Tuesday, April 25, 2017

6 ways to get rid of fleas on your dogs and make them stay away !

Related imageWe all love  our dogs and want the best for them like them being healthy, clean, and happy. You see that’s what we all want, but sometimes nature takes its course and things happen. Let’s say that this beautiful husky was yours and you want to go on a walk. Fleas like to stay where it's warm and moist places so if you live in Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, and Oregon these are the worst five states for fleas. But there is a solution to problems for them nasty fleas!
  1. Use a flea comb
Image result for lemon water and comb for fleasNo matter what sort of flea & tick protection should make it so that they want to jump right back off again why take the chance. Go  to the closest market get a lemon, water and a comb, once you have everything dip the comb into the lemon water and comb it through your dog's coat. The lemon water help control them after pets have been bathed and their bedding washed, also fleas don't care for the smell of lemon at all!
Image result for lemon water and comb for fleas
   2. Enhance dog shampoo
We always wonder if we are buying the best shampoo for our dogs ? you've tried every shampoo but none seem to be doing the job? Well try Ultra guard oatmeal! You're probably saying to yourself how is this shampoo different from any other shampoo well actually There is an ingredient in their that is actually used to kill fleas it's called Phenothrin. If you go to this website it explains in more detail how this ingredient works  and health facts on Fact sheet .  Image result for ultra guard shampoo
   3. Vacuum the floor more often
You should vacuum at least once or twice a week depending how often you clean. It's recommended vacuum more often if your animal has fleas for say every other day. When you vacuum ,  at least 32% to 59 % of flea eggs were sucked up by the vacuum. Image result for vacuuming carpets
  4. Make a flea collar
People usually just buy a flea collar at a pet store or even at your local walmart and it's like a clear/white collar to repel fleas. But, we all know those don't work and here's why the ingredients are the main focus and this collar doesn't have phenothrin. I have a way to fix this ! Get a couple lemons preferably 2 or 3  juice them and get your dog's collar to soak it in the lemon juice for at least 10-15 to let the lemon soak in the collar. You can do this multiple times to the collar depending how much it goes outside.Image result for homemade flea collarImage result for dog collar
    5. Use apple cider vinegar
75% of fleas dies on contact with vinegar and other die slowly and  to make this all you need is a spray bottle, water and apple cider vinegar. Spray it onto your dog before they go outside to discourage fleas. The vinegar also works as a  dehydrating agent, fleas cannot live in places with no moisture. It also stops the itching of flea bits so your dog isn't scratching itself all day.

Image result for apple cider vinegar for fleas
  6. Wash bedding
A trip through a washing machine with kill fleas in all the stages with soap/detergent. It is recommended to do laundry at least once a week or more often. During the days of flea trouble get all sheets or blankets the animal has laid on and wash them. You should keep your room clean as well.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

so puggly its cute!


Does looking at a puppy make you smile or even make you say “awhhhhhh ”? people today seem to spend more time looking at cute things than ever before. “The internet  puts it at our fingertips a virtual zoo of baby sloths, cuddly otters, and hamsters in top hats. It  has a chubby little body, a big head, floppy little limbs and squeals”. Watch the Minions bumble on our big screens, buy hello kitty merchandise, or even watch Pikachu conversations dance on Youtube. These quotes are from   baby animal  photo's   “The appeal of these characters may seem trivial, but it's actually highlights an evolutionary force that can trigger billions of dollars a year  of consumer spending”. “Cuteness is an especially powerful force in our digital world because it is something that can be consumed  in quick, small doses in a gif or picture”.

Here is a gif of a baby pug running in the grass “according to an academic research  there are dozens of researchers who study “cuteness.” Just picture the watery eyes and impractically short snout of pugs, some of the most beloved dogs on internet. Panda and other animals we consider cute tend to get more conversation funds than less cute animals. Disney has made full use of our love of baby like features, disney was far from there only company trying to make money off cuteness.

Everytime I see a picture of a baby animal I just smile and I want to have that cute animal im looking at to be in my arms. I'm in love with cute baby animals and I had no idea that researches study “cuteness” and I found it interesting. I think that using cuteness is also a way to inflict positive emotions. I've always been in love with baby animals because they grab my attention if I see a photo and that's why I think that people become happier when they see photos. If you having  a bad day and want to smile or even laugh you can just look at this pug gif!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

info-graphic on dog exercise

Dog exercise info-graphic 
       Have you ever been to a gym where you see the graphs on how to use the equipment or way to use the equipment? What I'm referring to is an info-graphic and it's a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data such as, the diagram showing how to use each equipment.
 And if you click on this link it will show you the diagram of the girl exercising on different equipment diagram of exercising  . Know that you know a little about infographic let's talk about the real deal about infographics on animal for that exercise is very good for their brain, improves behavior, slows aging, and its a super charge for its immune system. Did you know that if you do cardio with your animal that it prevents diseases and enriches bond between the animal and you? Here is an infographic on a cardio with your dog and it shows you why its healthy for the dog cardio for a dog.
       You're probably thinking why do we use infographic anyways? Well there are many reason why infographics are important to us. Infographics  are more appealing than just reading paragraphs of information, with everyone using the internet it grabs people's attention, it's so much easier to understand, it is more memorable, and it's sometime more persuasive.  So you see that infographics are really important and that's why we need them to get people's attention and keep it because people get bored of reading of uninterested paragraphs about things.

 When people hear information they’re likely to remember  10% of that information 3 days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information people retained 65% of the information 3 days later. Adults and teenagers are using the internet so they will more likely use infographics. I mean imagine if we didn't have infographics  we might be able to find in formation or data as fast.
        Also, if you have a business and you want more people to get interested you could use an infographic instead of trying to explain it to them. In my opinion I honestly love infographics and I think they are really useful. People all around the world and all ages could use infographics. I really love animals so I love seeing infographics on how to keep animals healthy, how to take care of them, or anything on that nature. So I encourage that more people use infographics is presentation, and essays.

Friday, December 23, 2016

 Baby Animals are cute?

Why are people way more interested in baby animals more than adult animals? Or why baby animals are so darn cute? I think the reasoning for liking baby animals so much is their big eyes gaze at us as we become drawn, often affectionately and smiling, to their cute noses,fluffy faces, and infantile features according to why are baby animals so cute on BBC
Have you ever looked at a bear cub ? I mean really looked at a bear cub. The rounded face and chubby cheeks of a grizzly bear cub are some of the features that humans are drawn too.  Even babies of dangerous animals are endearing, like lion cubs. People felt significant empathy towards baby animals; the study also showed that women react more positively than men to cute animals as well as human babies. In 2013, researchers in the Netherlands published evidence in the journal Behavioural Processes confirming this effect.
The second idea is that our empathy with young animals allows us to be better bonded with them. I think having a bond with any animal is so beautiful and the most amazing experience. So our attractions to cute animals may be an evolutionary hangover, our minds being tricked by the features we see. We are biologically programmed to care for babies. The small nose and small mouth of baby animals are demonstrated in the picture below. When shown pictures of baby pictures, us humans feel a range of positive-emotions. We feel less aggressive, act more tenderly, and want to care and protect the infants we are shown. Baby animals just warm our souls and melt our heart.
Adults and children generally rate pictures of infant animals as cuter than those of older ones. There's a theory that most of us humans have “baby schema.” The meaning of baby schema is a “set of infantile physical features such as a large head, round face, and big eyes that is perceived as cute and motivates care taking behavior in other individuals.”
I absolutely love baby animals. It melts my heart seeing them and their fluffy body, big eyes,and tiny paws. As I said before, that’s a baby’s features. We can all agree that baby animals are adorable,amazing, and the cutest thing put on this planet. Fun fact: did you know that a giraffe calf can stand up and walk within an hour of its birth? I did NOT know that, and honestly, I find it very cool.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Eleania's Cabin

In the middle of Fortuna, California these two pets, a Siberian husky and a Scottish fold cat. They have a owner and her name is Eleania. Eleania was born and raised in florida, but eventually moved to California and started her own business in 2015. Her business is about an animal rescue/animal care person. Her business is in Fortuna, California and is called Eleania’s Animal Shop. Eleania went to work on one day and the Siberian Husky, called Stud, and the Scottish fold, called Lily, ran away from home.
In the middle of the day of Eleania’s work she calls her friend Alex and says, “Can you check up on Stud and Lily?” So Alex did as he was ask by Eleania.
Eleania didn’t have a good feeling when she got to work. When Alex got to Eleana's House and the animals weren’t there. Little did she know they were taken away. When she got home from work that day she called the police.
The police said, “We have to wait 24 hours for a missing report.”
Eleania was crushed when she heard those words. Later that day, she searched around the house for evidence to try and find her lost dogs that she was so devastated about. At the back door, there was footprints leading to the woods so she followed them and in the woods there was  a cabin and that cabin was a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and a couch. She walked in knowing that there was a scary feeling in her gut. She heard a bang behind the bathroom door and so she went to the bathroom door and found Stud and Lily hiding, but as soon as they saw her they jumped in her arms.
She carried the dogs back to the house but half way she heard a baby cry. She took her dogs home and then went back to the cabin for the baby, but the door was closed and she couldn’t get in. So she broke a window with a rock. She finally got in the cabin and got the baby and took it home. She raised the baby as her own and loved it more and more each day and the baby’s name Isabella .

As  Isabella  grew with  the dog and the cat loved the her so much. But eventually the cat and dog grew old and died. The girl was very sad, but she knew it was going to happen. Isabella  buried them right by the cabin and then turned the cabin into an animal care place. When the girl was older, she had a baby and named it Studly.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why do dogs always race to the door when the doorbell rings? It’s hardly ever for them.